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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) - Plate UF membrane modules
In recent years, MBR plants using low-pressure submerged membranes have become more cost effective and the state of the art technology for treating wastewater. The combination of an activated sludge process and membrane technology removes carbon, phosphorous, nitrogen, certain toxins (carcinogenic, mutagenous, and hormonally active) and bio-accumulative micro-contaminants. Pollutants that cannot be eliminated by a membrane bioreactor can be eliminated by post-treatment such as nanofiltration or reverse osmosis. Nitrogen and phosphorous removal are dependent on the plant layout: Arrangement of the anoxic / aerobic basins, chemical addition for phosphorous removal, and carbon addition for a secondary anoxic basin.
The primary role of the membrane is to act as a selective barrier to eliminate fine particles up to dissolved matter from water and wastewater. A3's unique module design offers one of the most compact and efficient plate membrane modules on the market. Our plate
ultrafiltration modules use flat sheet membranes arranged in parallel with a pore size less than 0.04 μm.

Process Basics
Membrane bioreactors combine conventional biological activated sludge processes with membrane filtration. The membranes are directly submerged in the activated sludge. The activated sludge (biomass) is separated from the liquid as it passes through the membranes and is retained in the biological reactor. Conventional sedimentation processes are not required. The small membrane pores (<0.04 μm) retain suspended matter, bacteria, and viruses (pathogens). The result is a high quality effluent that can be reused. Membranes are arranged (packaged) in modules for easy installation and maintenance. Aeration devices are located at the bottom of membrane modules. Air bubbles create a cross flow parallel to the membrane surface and generate biomass degradation. The flow across the membranes creates a shear force that limits build-up on the membrane surface.

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