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Membrane module basics
A3’s plate ultrafiltration modules use flat sheet membranes arranged in parallel. Multiple flat sheet membranes are imbedded into a grouting material with a fixed distance of 7 mm (1/4”). The other two sides of the membrane module are PVC plates. The individual flat sheet membranes have a porous supporting structure that is covered with a protecting fleece and a PES (Polyether Sulfone) or PVDF (Polyvinyl-Di-fluoride) membrane on both sides. The treated permeate is collected inside the supporting structure and drawn to an attached permeate pipe and finally discharged. The permeate pipe has a top and bottom for better flow distribution through the membrane module.

Membrane module characteristics

  • The use of durable and chemically stable membrane materials (PES / PVDF) gives the MaxFlowTM membrane module a high filtration performance with low fouling potential.
  • The innovative MaxFlowTM module "open channel design" provides optimal biofilm control and minimizes the quantity of chemical cleaning procedures.
  • The compact module design enables dual-stack and triple-stack module arrangements using shallow water levels. This multi-module arrangement is very energy efficient. It allows for a high membrane packing density resulting in a small footprint. This further reduces plant operating costs.
  • The MaxFlowTM filtration modules can be cleaned inside the process tank using the "cleaning in place” (CIP) method. Depending on the wastewater source, cleaning intervals range between 2 - 9 months.
  • The robust design and the safe, easy handling of MaxFlowTM membrane modules allow for simple plant layouts.
  • Most existing conventional treatment plants can be retrofitted with MaxFlowTM membrane modules due to the flexible and compact nature of our membrane module design.
Membrane module sizes
The membrane module is manufactured in four discrete sizes:

  • 52 ft2 (U05-002)
  • 72 ft2 (U06-001)
  • 241 ft2 (U20-002)
  • 754 ft2 , 812 ft2 , 924 ft2 (U70-003, U70-H-004, U70-HS-005)
Membrane modules are installed as single, double, or triple stack arrangements on top of aeration modules. Guide rail systems are installed in the membrane basin to allow for easy installation and maintenance.
Membrane modules can also be combined in multi-modules. The aeration unit is integrated in the module frame where a maximum of 9 membrane modules can be installed. The multi-module arrangement minimizes the installation time, space requirements, and offers a central air and permeate connection. Multi-modules are frequently used for larger MBR plants.
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