A3-USA, Inc.Water & Wastewater Membranes

A3-USA is a privately held company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that engineers, constructs, delivers, and commissions membrane plants in the United States. We provide the highest quality equipment at the lowest price by combining proven German equipment design with the most progressive American manufacturing techniques. We offer services from conceptual planning through construction completion and plant commissioning using a highly motivated team approach.

A3-USA is the sole distributor of A3-GmbH’s ultrafiltration plate membranes and nrw Anlagentechnik GmbH's CONTEC coarse & fine screens for the North American market. In 2007, a joint venture was established with Harliss Specialities, a Pittsburgh based manufacturing shop with 50 years experience in manufacturing process related equipment for clients such BP and Sunoco. In the Western United States, A3-USA is represented by A3 Northwest, with offices in Bend and Portland, OR.

In recent years, A3-USA has established close working relationships with several companies in the “Green Build” arena. These include
Team Gemini, Ecohouse, and Roediger who design communities, houses, or equipment and, like A3, are leaders in the application of environmental technology in their respective fields. Communities developed with these technologies can achieve a net zero discharge and energy balance.

A3-GmbH is located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and has constructed reliable membrane modules and plants to municipal, commercial and industrial customers since 2000. A3-GmbH is part owned by Envitec, one of the largest Biogas plant manufacturers in Europe.

A3 maintains a relationship with Aachen University that assures that the product line is continuously improved. Aachen University maintains a world-class membrane research department.
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