A3-USA, Inc.Water & Wastewater Membranes

Multi Phase Separation (MPS) using Ultrafiltration (UF) & Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes
A3 is the European market leader for the treatment of wastewater generated by biogas plants. Biogas and Bioethanol plants produce waste streams that are difficult to treat but also offer the opportunity to recover valuable resources. A3 offers a modular, comprehensive treatment process applying membrane separation technology used for the treatment of fermentation residues. The result of the A3 concept is clean water for reuse or discharge plus the recovery of valuable nutrients for use in agriculture.
This treatment process can be further used for a variety of applications where a high content of COD (>60,000 mg/l) and ammonium (>3,000 mg/l) is present.

Process Basics
  • Typical plant size is greater than 15,000 gpd
  • Plant footprint starting from 2,600 ft2
  • Solid-liquid-separation with screw press and/or decanter
  • Treatment of liquids with ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis
  • Production of solid/liquid manure and clean water for direct discharge to receiving waters or for reuse purpose
  • Converts waste into resources: Clean water, concentrated solids, and concentrated liquid fertilizer
  • Reduced costs associated with disposal / transportation of digestate
  • Decreases storage volume requirements for digestate / waste
  • Reduces risks associated with waste storage
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